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3M™ White Super Polish Floor Pads 4100

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Part Number: ESMMM08478
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White Super Polish Pad 4100 is used for light cleaning under automatic scrubbers and removes soil and scuff marks with minimal dulling of finish. Uniform distribution of fine cleaning particles throughout the pad&rsquo
s fibers, not just on the surface, distinguishes it from much of the competition. Durable, conformable polyester fibers provide maximum pad-to-floor contact, and open construction resists loading and clogging. For use with rotary and automatic floor machines running at low speed (175-600 rpm). Use for light daily cleaning, spray buffing, and dry buffing soft finishes. This polishing pad is also used on wood floors. The pad is reversible. Application: Buffing
Diameter: 14"
Height: 1"
Color(s): White.
Unit of Measure : Carton of 5

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