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P&G Pro Line® Low Odor Floor Stripper

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Part Number: ESPGC41775
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Proprietary combination of solvents to ensure it strips away just as effectively as high PH competitors. 8:1 dilution rate for an economical cost per diluted gallon. Offers a perfume additive to help minimize odor. Does not contain butyl. Lower alkalinity than traditional floor strippers for employee safety. Does not contain problematic ingredients like butoxyethanol, dibutyl pthalates, alkylphenol ethoxylates (including no NPEs), phosphates. A highly effective, green floor stripper with extremely low odor. This ultra-concentrated floor stripper is perfect for those that want to avoid harmful, offensive odors. Application: Floor Stripper
Applicable Material: Finished Floors
Dirt Types: Floor Finishes
Scent: Citrus.
Unit of Measure : Carton of 4

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